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Creative Director



Livevil, an apparel label that was founded out of a small Long Beach studio in 2010. Over time the company developed extensive collections that established the brand as a premier label in California. During the earlier days, most of the garments we produced consisted of screen printed t-shirts. In the beginning, selling to friends and classmates was the only real channel of distribution. Over time came exponential expansion, resulting in a client base in North America & across the rest of the world. Musicians & creative ambassadors alike solidified our efforts through endless support in places like Asia, Australia, Europe & South America. Our customer base fueled our efforts, which ultimately allowed the company to mature into an established business. Livevil evolved from a hobby into a way life that fundamentally solidified our entrepreneurial education. Livevil was around for a few years, then school, internships & individual endeavors lead the company’s efforts to gradually slow. Today Livevil’s activities are at a standstill, however the lessons and experience we've obtained will follow us through the rest of our career paths. 

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