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Creative Director


Livevil, pronounced liv-evil, is an apparel label that was founded out of a studio space in Long Beach California. The company originated with a goal of creating unique and imaginative products. Livevil developed extensive collections that managed to establish the brand as premier label representing Southern California culture. During the earlier days, most of the garments we produced consisted of simple screen printed t-shirts. As we progressed, our clothing began to mature into custom sewn garments manufactured in Los Angeles.  In the beginning, selling to friends and classmates was the only channel of distribution. With time came exponential expansion, resulting in a client base across North America and the rest of the world. Musicians and creative ambassadors alike solidified our efforts through endless support in places like Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. Our customer base fueled our efforts, which ultimately allowed the company to mature into an established business. Livevil evolved from an interest in graphic and apparel design to a lucrative entrepreneurial pursuit. The company continually expanded for a few years however school, internships and individual projects lead the company’s efforts to gradually slow. Today Livevil’s activities are at a standstill, however the lessons and experience we've obtained as a result of going into business will enable us to advance through the rest of our career paths. 


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